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Robbie de Santos
I am a Policy Officer at Shelter and spend a lot of time thinking about the future of private renting and the changing demographics of the sector. When I’m not thinking about housing I’ll likely be cycling around London, in the kitchen cooking up some kind of feast, or writing about it on my food blog.

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By Robbie de Santos

Tweaking housing taxation

Tax is always going to be a thorny issue. But start talking about it in relation to people’s home and you’re on doubly shaky ground. We have given much thought to housing taxation, finding much of it to be clunky … Continue reading

Nicola Hughes
I’m a Senior Policy Officer at Shelter, and have been here since late 2008, mainly working on housing market issues, debt and preventing repossessions. When not being a policy wonk/arguing about politics I’m usually baking, indulging in long Russian novels or dancing (badly) at the indie disco.

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By Nicola Hughes

From ‘fatally flawed’ to ‘common sense’

Mortgage regulation might not sound like the most exciting topic, but it’s vitally important. The way in which banks lend money has a huge impact on house prices, social mobility, even homelessness. In recent years the devastating impact reckless lending … Continue reading