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Nicola Hughes
I’m a Senior Policy Officer at Shelter, and have been here since late 2008, mainly working on housing market issues, debt and preventing repossessions. When not being a policy wonk/arguing about politics I’m usually baking, indulging in long Russian novels or dancing (badly) at the indie disco.

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By Nicola Hughes

Boom, bust and the West Wing

Toby’s been referencing Dickens in his recent blog post, so here goes with another policy lovers favourite cultural reference; the West Wing. The fictional US leader President Jed Bartlet was renowned for his economic expertise and prudence. But looking back … Continue reading

Deborah Garvie
I’m a Senior Policy Officer at Shelter, working on the Localism Act and policies for the delivery, letting and management of social housing. I started off in Shelter’s Campaign for Bedsit Rights, publishing research on the appalling living conditions of refugees and successfully campaigning for legislation to license private landlords and protect deposits. My work is informed by the years I worked with tenants as an inner London housing officer.

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By Deborah Garvie

Will the NPPF deliver on affordable housing?

Today the Government finally published the detail of its new National Planning Policy Framework. It is a welcome recognition by the government that we need more homes, and building more homes is good for the economy. During the messy row … Continue reading

Kate Webb
I am a senior policy officer at Shelter. Since joining Shelter in 2010 I have worked mainly on housing benefit and welfare reform and now suffer from the misapprehension that tapers and income disregards are acceptable topics of conversation.

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By Kate Webb

A simpler benefits system – unless you’re a social tenant

One of the Welfare Reform Act’s intentions, and one Shelter was happy to support, was a pledge to simplify the benefits system. In light of this it is surprising that one particular measure was allowed to survive the bill unscathed, … Continue reading

Anne Baxendale
I am Public Affairs Manager so it’s my job to persuade politicians and other influential people to care about housing and take up the great ideas from my policy colleagues. Though I live in London I still occasionally yearn for Sheffield. I’m partial to HBO boxed sets and reading the New Yorker.

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By Anne Baxendale

Into the mainstream: property taxation on the agenda

A key (and much trailed) feature of the Chancellor’s budget today was the introduction of higher stamp duty rates for properties worth more than £2 million. Let’s call it ‘mansion tax lite’. The coalition will also be clamping down on … Continue reading

Robbie de Santos
I am a Policy Officer at Shelter and spend a lot of time thinking about the future of private renting and the changing demographics of the sector. When I’m not thinking about housing I’ll likely be cycling around London, in the kitchen cooking up some kind of feast, or writing about it on my food blog.

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By Robbie de Santos

NewBuy: what’s the alternative?

As the hype around the government’s NewBuy scheme rumbles on, it’s worth pausing for a moment to contemplate why owning a home is such a national obsession, and consequently, why politicians always look to home ownership when they want to … Continue reading

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