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Pete Jefferys
I’m a Policy Officer at Shelter and interested in how we can get housing up the political agenda, secure a better deal for private renters and get affordable homes built. Outside of policy, I love exploring new parts of London, sport and going back home to Devon.

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By Pete Jefferys

A time for ambitious thinking?

As a new joiner to Shelter’s policy team I’ve already been introduced to some interesting ideas about how we can make housing more affordable, better quality and get a better deal for the growing numbers of private tenants. The policy … Continue reading

Elizabeth OHara
I work in the policy team at Shelter. My work mainly focuses on issues which immediately affect the clients who come through our doors – such as homelessness policy; or the funding for the advice services our clients need. My background is in the not for profit advice sector and law centre movement where I spent many years providing housing advice to those with housing problems.

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By Elizabeth OHara

Channel shift?

Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox has launched Go-ON UK, the new campaign to increase our digital literacy. It picks up the baton from Race Online 2012, which has helped reduce the number of people in the UK who have never … Continue reading

Kate Webb
I am a senior policy officer at Shelter. Since joining Shelter in 2010 I have worked mainly on housing benefit and welfare reform and now suffer from the misapprehension that tapers and income disregards are acceptable topics of conversation.

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By Kate Webb

Is it better to invest in bricks or benefits?

The Housing Minister recently tweeted that the housing benefit debate is “misinformed” by claims the budget is being cut, when spending is in fact forecast to resume its upward trend after next year’s cuts have bitten. This may be a … Continue reading

Toby Lloyd
I'm Head of Policy at Shelter, and have worked on housing issues in the public, private and third sectors for nine years. I'm a Londoner, a cyclist, father of two young daughters and member of the Hackney Co-housing Project.

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By Toby Lloyd

Keeping tabs on housing

I’ve whinged far too often about the fact that housing never seems to get the political attention it deserves. This is partly to do with the way housing shows up in polls – as Ipsos MORI’s Ben Page spelled out … Continue reading

Nicola Hughes
I’m a Senior Policy Officer at Shelter, and have been here since late 2008, mainly working on housing market issues, debt and preventing repossessions. When not being a policy wonk/arguing about politics I’m usually baking, indulging in long Russian novels or dancing (badly) at the indie disco.

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By Nicola Hughes

Guest blog: Ipsos MORI and RIBA report – It’s not all about quantity

Long before working at Shelter, I had a bugbear about balconies. Yep, balconies. In my first few flats there was no little patch to grow plants, hang the washing up or just sit in the sun with a drink. That … Continue reading

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