Monthly archives: August 2016

Vicky Pearlman
Vicky Pearlman

By Vicky Pearlman

The heat is on: new map illustrates the shortage of housing advice

The publication, last week, of the Law Society’s interactive map of legal aid provision for housing advice provides a stark illustration of how little free legal advice is now available to people facing a serious problem with their housing. It graphically illustrates the problem of advice deserts that Shelter sees every day.

Far too few people are getting the access to justice that they are entitled to and that can help them stay in their homes. And it is getting … MORE...

Pete Jefferys
Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Falling homeownership won’t be stopped by current schemes

Home-ownership is now at its lowest for 30 years, according to new analysis by the Resolution Foundation. This matters because the vast majority of people want the security of owning – both financially and because it gives longer term stability for families than private renting.

Homeownership looks likely to keep falling when you dig below the numbers and look at the proportion of buyers with mortgages, versus those who are mortgage free. The majority of homeowners are now older … MORE...