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Shelter Research

By Shelter Research

Making Fair Rent Homes a reality

The need for a new wave of Fair Rent Homes is clear. But how do we build them? And where is the money coming from?

The financing of new affordable homes has becoming increasingly complex. Prior to 2010, significant levels of grant and long-term bank loans could be combined to provide genuinely affordable, social rent homes. However, with the arrival of the Coalition government and a 60% cut in the grant available for affordable housing, housing providers had to … MORE...

Kate Webb
Kate Webb

By Kate Webb

Getting real about options for hard-pressed renters

The rise in private renting has been well documented but is no less staggering for that fact. One in four children are now growing up in the private rented sector, compared to just one in ten a decade ago. This is in part a story about declining homeownership: the proportion of households buying with a mortgage actually peaked in the early 90s, long before the financial crash or anxieties about avocado-munching millennials kicked in.

But it’s also a story of … MORE...

Kate Wallis
Kate Wallis

By Kate Wallis

Learning the lessons from Grenfell

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower four months ago shocked the country and threw the country’s relationship with social housing into sharp relief. Since the fire we’ve been supporting and campaigning for the rights of survivors, and for wider changes in social housing. As part of beginning to understand what these changes look like and how wide reaching they need to be, we hosted a panel event this week.

This event gave Mahboubeh Jamalbatan, who lived in Grenfell Tower and who … MORE...

Deborah Garvie
Deborah Garvie

By Deborah Garvie

BAME homelessness matters and is disproportionately rising – time for the Government to act

Yesterday’s Government Race Disparity Audit highlights the disparity among homeless households.  But this isn’t inevitable and its high time it was addressed.  Ending the freeze to local housing allowance would be a very good start.

The Government’s Ethnicity Facts and Figures website, launched yesterday, tells us nothing new about race and homelessness.  The data was already there.  But it provides a focus to ask why race is still affecting people’s housing options in 21st century England.

Let’s face the facts:… MORE...


By Charlotte

Shelter calls on MPs to help 1 million households at risk of homelessness

Shelter is asking MPs to take action in the Autumn Budget and call on the Chancellor to end the freeze to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) – the support low income families receive for private rented homes.


Around 1.2m households in the private rented sector receive LHA (a rate of housing benefit for private renters) and about one-third of these households are in low-paid jobs and require LHA to top up their rent.

Since 2011, government reforms have slowly lowered … MORE...