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Toby Lloyd
Toby Lloyd

By Toby Lloyd

We must spend less on housing

The news has been worryingly free of house price stories of late, forcing some papers to fill pages with minor distractions like the Olympics, Leveson and the great summer weather.

Thankfully the IMF has come to the rescue of editors everywhere, with its annual report on the UK economy suggesting that house prices still need to fall by 10-15% now-ish – and by up to 30% to get back to trend.

Inevitably, the response from some quarters will be for … MORE...

Pete Jefferys
Pete Jefferys

By Pete Jefferys

Top tips for spotting stats porkies

On the Today programme yesterday morning, Housing Minister Grant Shapps was questioned about his claim that there has been a ‘dramatic increase in affordable homes’. Shelter pointed out that in fact the number of new affordable homes being started has fallen by 68% since the previous year – from around 50,000 to around 16,000.*

So how do you know who’s right and who’s wrong when it comes to stats? As the debate about the number of new affordable homes being … MORE...