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Martha Mackenzie
I’m a Public Affairs Officer at Shelter, I joined the Public Affairs team in July 2012. I have been working on a wide range of projects, most notably engaging with local authorities through our rogue landlords campaign and leading our work to end revenge eviction. In my spare time I mentor for the Prince's Trust. When not chained to a desk I can usually be found running or cycling around London.

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By Martha Mackenzie

Is stable renting the future?

This morning Ed Miliband announced that, if a Labour Government is elected in 2015, they will legislate to make long-term tenancies the legal default. This follows the Government’s promise last October to produce a model ‘Family Friendly Tenancy’ and to … Continue reading

Robbie de Santos
I am a Policy Officer at Shelter and spend a lot of time thinking about the future of private renting and the changing demographics of the sector. When I’m not thinking about housing I’ll likely be cycling around London, in the kitchen cooking up some kind of feast, or writing about it on my food blog.

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By Robbie de Santos

Low to middle income families need bigger, better shared ownership

Buying a family home used to be an affordable, achievable aspiration for many low and middle income families, those typically earning between £20-40,000. But not anymore. That’s the finding in Shelter’s new report on how low to middle income families … Continue reading

Toby Lloyd
I'm Head of Policy at Shelter, and have worked on housing issues in the public, private and third sectors for nine years. I'm a Londoner, a cyclist, father of two young daughters and member of the Hackney Co-housing Project.

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By Toby Lloyd

The heart of the problem

I tend to see everything in the housing system as interconnected. This is not to say that I’m a hippy who believes in the healing power of crystals. It’s because I see the impacts of a single, massive failure to … Continue reading

Steve Akehurst
I’m a Public Affairs Officer at Shelter, and work on getting affordable housing up the political agenda. I’m particularly interested in how housing relates to living standards in the UK. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing and putting in painfully mediocre 5-a-side performances.

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By Steve Akehurst

Politics and tenure: the state of play

Whatever your views on it as a policy, the electoral success of Margaret Thatcher’s ‘Right to Buy’ policy showed one thing at least: the way to voter’s hearts is very often through their home. A strong offer on housing can … Continue reading

Francesca Albanese
I am a research officer at Shelter and have been here since 2008 in both the research and policy teams, mainly working on private renting, housing benefit and recently well-being. When I’m not at Shelter I’m a keen cook and enjoy visiting art galleries.

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By Francesca Albanese

Growing up renting

Imagine living in nine different homes before the age of eight. Then picture attending two different schools in the first three years of your education with another school move looming because your landlord has defaulted on his mortgage and there … Continue reading

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