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Zorana Halpin
Zorana Halpin is a Policy Officer at Shelter

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By Zorana Halpin

London’s forgotten homeless

Question: How have we got into a situation in London where being homeless could mean:  a)      Living in insecure temporary accommodation for up to 23 years  b)      Living in temporary accommodation up to 200 miles away  c)       Subject to the … Continue reading

Martha Mackenzie
I’m a Public Affairs Officer at Shelter, I joined the Public Affairs team in July 2012. I have been working on a wide range of projects, most notably engaging with local authorities through our rogue landlords campaign and leading our work to end revenge eviction. In my spare time I mentor for the Prince's Trust. When not chained to a desk I can usually be found running or cycling around London.

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By Martha Mackenzie

The tenants’ trap

Following the actions of Fergus and Judith Wilson hundreds of private renters have been served legal eviction notices- simply for receiving some housing benefit. According to the most recent National Landlords Association survey just one in five landlords let to … Continue reading

Elizabeth OHara
I work in the policy team at Shelter. My work mainly focuses on issues which immediately affect the clients who come through our doors – such as homelessness policy; or the funding for the advice services our clients need. My background is in the not for profit advice sector and law centre movement where I spent many years providing housing advice to those with housing problems.

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By Elizabeth OHara

A more credible and efficient legal aid system?

The dust had barely settled on the last round of cuts to legal aid before the Government announced plans to reduce the budget yet further. The new proposals include limitations on funding for judicial review cases, a key mechanism for … Continue reading

Kate Webb
I am a senior policy officer at Shelter. Since joining Shelter in 2010 I have worked mainly on housing benefit and welfare reform and now suffer from the misapprehension that tapers and income disregards are acceptable topics of conversation.

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By Kate Webb

Homeless families to be hit twice by benefit cap

The overall benefit cap comes into force today, imposing a maximum ceiling on the amount of support a household can claim, regardless of need. It’s popular but controversial, both sentiments stemming in large part from its simplicity: by adopting a … Continue reading

Deborah Garvie
I’m a Senior Policy Officer at Shelter, working on the Localism Act and policies for the delivery, letting and management of social housing. I started off in Shelter’s Campaign for Bedsit Rights, publishing research on the appalling living conditions of refugees and successfully campaigning for legislation to license private landlords and protect deposits. My work is informed by the years I worked with tenants as an inner London housing officer.

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By Deborah Garvie

Homelessness rises as benefits are cut – coincidence?

Two days after George Osborne’s budget for an ‘aspiration nation’, with its focus on home ownership, today’s homelessness statistics reveal the reality for people at the sharp end of Britain’s housing crisis. Homelessness acceptances are up 10% since 2011 to … Continue reading

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