Bedroom tax legal, but not right. Shelter analysis of today’s court ruling

Attempts to moderate the worst impacts of the bedroom tax have suffered a set-back after the High Court ruled that the policy making process did not disproportionately discriminate against disabled people. If you are disabled, have severely disabled children or are at risk of violence, the hope for protection has now shifted back to politicians and campaigners. It has become even more important that national political leaders offer support, or they will bear responsibility for the emerging consequences of this … Read more

Happy birthday, legal aid

64 years ago today legal aid was first introduced. Its purpose? To ensure that people would not be denied access to justice because of their inability to pay for a lawyer.

But is it such a happy birthday after all? If the government had its way, legal aid would quietly slip off into retirement. In April it announced proposals to strike another blow to both civil and criminal legal aid.  But the Justice Minister has had a run for his … Read more