Is stable renting the future?

This morning Ed Miliband announced that, if a Labour Government is elected in 2015, they will legislate to make long-term tenancies the legal default. This follows the Government’s promise last October to produce a model ‘Family Friendly Tenancy’ and to encourage stable renting through their ‘How to Rent’ guide.

Labour’s default offers longer tenancies that limit rental increases and retain flexibility for renters. This is what Shelter has been calling for since September 2012, which is why we hope Read more

Building the homes we need

If you’re a reader of Shelter’s policy blog then you’ll know that England faces a housing shortage and that increasingly it’s a big issue of public concern. Today, KPMG in the UK and Shelter jointly publish new analysis on the scale of the problem, the potential consequences of doing nothing and a programme for whoever forms the next government that would get us building enough homes.

While today we’ve highlighted the risks of inaction, there is a clearly also an … Read more