Help to Buy - still not clever politics either

Has there ever been a government scheme with fewer friends than the Treasury’s flagship ‘Help to Buy’?

Yesterday no less than three former Chancellors, two of them Conservatives, added their voice to those expressing concern. They are worried that the explosive house-price inflation unleashed by the scheme threatens economic stability and risks locking an entire generation out of home ownership. Here they join the OECD, the IMF, the Treasury Select Committee, the OBR, Mervyn King etc (I really could … Read more

Right to Build. Doing what it says on the tin?

Whatever you think about the Right to Buy, it had a clear mission and a comprehensive approach to achieving it.

Much like the tagline of a popular wood stain, ‘it did exactly what it said on the tin’. For the first time any tenant living in social housing was free to purchase their home.

What’s more, there was implicit acknowledgement that a right that can’t be exercised is no right at all. Like the old argument goes, just because … Read more