CBI guest blog: Building our way out of the housing shortage

One of the most striking things about the housing debate over the last year is how there seems to be more and more agreement over what needs to be done – at least outside Parliament. This stretches beyond just the need to build more homes, to specific solutions. Across the sector, there is an emerging consensus on the need for bolder action, including tough reform, smart investment and strategic local leadership.

Below, our guest blogger Joe Harley from the CBI … Read more

Rip off renting

Tomorrow, MPs will debate and vote on whether to ban letting fees, as part of the Consumer Rights Bill. Shelter has long called for an end to letting fees, with over 16,000 people joining our campaign since June last year.

For England’s 9 million renters, letting agent fees are just one example of the powerlessness of renting. Something that feels unjust but is so ingrained in how renting works. But we wanted to demonstrate it didn’t need to be this … Read more