Winning support for a stronger safety net

Housing benefit in the housing policy world has a reputation for being dry and impenetrable. This is slightly at odds with its public perception, where it is the subject of impassioned debates raging across prime time TV and the front pages. It’s an odd juxtaposition but one that underscores the tension that Shelter has often found itself navigating.

Housing benefit, much like other aspects of the housing safety net, has been subject to intensive reform in recent years. Some of … Read more

How many evictions?

Shelter is obviously concerned about people becoming homeless, so we watch the figures published by the courts that show the number of people being evicted and repossessed each month. Recently, we’ve been drawing attention to the fact that evictions by private landlords are growing fast, and have now over taken mortgage repossessions, despite there being far more mortgage holders than renters in the country.

But the latest Ministry of Justice possession stats also show that the total number of evictions … Read more