Renting families

Shelter has long been calling for wholesale reform of the private rented sector: it needs to become a better, more stable place to live.

In the first instance, we have to put a stop to  ‘revenge eviction’. We think Section 21 eviction notices should be reformed, so that renters who report poor conditions to their landlord or local authority are protected from retaliatory action. This will go some way towards giving renting families the stability they crave.

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Space to build

At Shelter, we’ve been arguing for some time that to build the homes we need it’s going to take a bold approach to the opaque land market. Last night, the Chancellor set out quite radical plans to shake up the use of urban land across the country, with permitted development for almost all brownfield land suitable for homes and a new prospectus  for ‘Housing Zones’ in London’s urban areas. In a great many ways, this zoning approach reflects the KPMG Read more