We need more of every type of home

In England, we currently build about half the number of new homes every year that we need. It’s absolutely essential that we increase house building so that we keep up with the growing number of households.

But increasing house building it isn’t only a question of numbers and volumes. We will not unpick the multiple negative effects of our housing shortage without also focussing on what we build.

So today we’re launching a report which sets out why we need Read more

Guest blog by Debbie Crew, author of ‘The Tenant’s Dilemma’

During her time working for the Crosby, Formby and District Citizens Advice Bureau, Debbie wrote the seminal report, ‘The Tenant’s Dilemma’, on the fear and incidence of retaliatory eviction. Based on the findings from surveys with frontline housing advisors, the report advocated stronger legal protections for renters who complain about poor conditions in their home. Debbie was subsequently awarded the Consumer Action Award by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation for her campaigning on this issue.

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