The Christmas story of homeless children

This week, children and parents all over the country are preparing for end-of-term plays and concerts and looking forward to the holidays with family and friends.

But England’s housing crisis means that for a growing number of families, going to watch your child in the school play isn’t the simple matter it once was.  It likely involves a back-and-forth trek on expensive and convoluted public transport, or hanging around for hours after the school drop off to make sure you’re … Read more

Let's all blame planning

We know we don’t build nearly enough new homes in England, but why is that? One commonly made argument is that it is primarily the fault of the state, which controls and limits the use of the most important raw material in house building: land.

This is how the argument often goes. The house building industry would be able to build the homes we need if only there were a true free market in land use. In other words, if … Read more