Jamie: sixteen, and homeless


Imagine going to your local council for help because you’ve got nowhere to stay that night.

And now imagine being 16.

And now imagine being told that there is no help for you.

Welcome to Jamie’s story.


When Jamie came to us he had already been sleeping in a tent for months.  

At 16, Jamie should never have been left to sleep in a tent.

The government has a responsibility to help young homeless people who are no Read more

Starter Homes: an opportunity missed

Yesterday the Prime Minister went to Poole to launch a new starter homes scheme that will deliver 100,000 homes for purchase by first time buyers at 20% below the market value. Beneath this simple consumer-friendly message there is a complex scheme involving several different interventions and changes. In short, it’s half right – and half wrong.

On the positive side, the scheme is a very welcome sign that the government recognises the urgent need to build more homes, and to … Read more