Soapland: house prices hit the nation's favourite soaps


You know there’s a housing crisis right?

Well it turns out that house prices have gone up. A lot.

But we wanted to give you EVEN MORE DRAMA

So here’s what the soaps would really be like if house prices in Soapland had gone up as much as in reality.

It’s not good news. Sorry Ste…


It turns out house prices in Fasset Square, Hackney – the inspiration for Eastenders’ Albert Square – have gone up 530% since Read more

How you can help end the housing crisis where you live

The housing crisis is out of control. Across the country, high house prices and unaffordable rents mean more and more people are struggling to get by.

This general election we’ve got a chance to get this changed. To show politicians that the housing crisis ends here.

But we need help! Here’s how you can make a difference:


Get involved locally

We’ll be visiting towns and cities all over the country. Whether you can stop by for a minute or … Read more