How you can help end the housing crisis where you live

The housing crisis is out of control. Across the country, high house prices and unaffordable rents mean more and more people are struggling to get by.

This general election we’ve got a chance to get this changed. To show politicians that the housing crisis ends here.

But we need help! Here’s how you can make a difference:


Get involved locally

We’ll be visiting towns and cities all over the country. Whether you can stop by for a minute or an hour, we’re always looking for more people to help out.

We’ll be asking volunteers to help hand out leaflets; talk to the members of the public; encourage their friends or family to sign up; or maybe even appear on the local radio / TV.

If you want more details of where we’ll be and when then email:


Pop into a local Shelter shop

We’ll be asking people to sign the petition in-store and take home a leaflet. If you’ve got a Shelter shop near you then do drop in and say hello.

Find out more here:


Sign our petition calling on politicians to build more affordable homes

Doing so will help to show just how many people care about the housing crisis:


Find out how the housing crisis is impacting your local area

Across the country 93,000 children will wake up homeless tomorrow morning. But how many are there where you live? Find out:

If you’d like more information on the campaign, or have another way you’d like to help out then do email us at