Legal Aid changes found unlawful


In a judgment handed down this morning, the High Court has ruled that regulations brought in by Chris Grayling, the Lord Chancellor, in April 2014 to cut legal aid funding for judicial review are unlawful.

This is a significant decision for homeless families in the most dire of circumstances, who could now get legal aid to challenge unlawful decisions and get the support that they need. More details on both the case and the judgment can be found hereRead more

Why England can’t just ‘get used to renting’

The proportion of people who own their own home is continuing its rapid decline across England – the new English Housing Survey makes that absolutely clear. But just as home ownership rates have slid there’s been an increasing preponderance of people (normally home owners) to ask why we should be bothered. Isn’t England’s obsession with ownership an unhealthy one, in any case? Shouldn’t renters just pipe down and get used to renting as the new normal? People do it in … Read more