Supreme Court protects disabled tenants from eviction

There is often little that some tenants can do if their landlord decides they want the property back. 

But today the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled (summary herethat a court must give detailed consideration to a defence to a landlord’s claim for possession by a disabled tenant under the Equality Act 2010.

The judgment has significant implications for the protection of disabled tenants in private or social housing from eviction. 

Tenants in private tenancies and other insecure tenancies Read more

Swipe right for more affordable homes: why Shelter put a brick on Tinder

When Boris Johnson came on stage at the 2014 Conservative party conference brandishing a brick, claiming “you shall not be alone”, it got us thinking.

Bricks aren’t solitary creatures. They should be cemented together into new homes, to solve the housing shortage. But without politicians building enough of those, they’re stuck sitting by themselves.

So we thought, what better way to find a mate for a single brick – and highlight the issue to some of the young people directly … Read more