Late Admission Charge: How entering the housing market later costs you

Our research out today highlights that home ownership is seen as the only real option for long-term stability, and yet our housing crisis is increasingly leaving all but the lucky few locked out of a home of their own for years on end. While our research last month showed how first-time buyers are becoming older and richer, our new findings interrogate the very real impact this has on people’s lives. We are seeing a new divide between those who – … Read more

Build in my back yard!

‘I know we need to build more houses, but just not in my back yard, please’. This is what most people think about new homes being built near them, right? Well, no actually, not any more. New data from the British Social Attitudes survey a few weeks ago showed that the majority of the public now support homes being built near them, and this level of support has doubled over four years – a seismic shift in public opinion.

Here … Read more