The 5 most ridiculous properties of 2015 (so far …)

Late last year we did a big old round up of the country’s 5 most ridiculous properties to rent or buy. Things were bleak, the lowlight being a shed in Devon on sale for £40k.

We’d love to say things got better. However that would be lying.

So here is more property-scorn for you to cast your angry eyes over (and for those who want to do something about it, sign our petition to help end the housing crisis).

1. This Harry Potter-esque cupboard of a room could be yours for £502/month:

Here’s Zoopla’s description: “This property is sure to be a popular choice with, students, working professionals and those looking for a thriving London life but at an affordable rate.”

Really Zoopla? Really?


 2. Taking “un-furnished” to whole new levels. Apparently ‘the flat would suit a DIY enthusiast’:

“Unfurnished, this property is looking for someone to take care of it, and for the tenant to put their own mark on it. The property is very keenly priced as it needs decorating, and carpets, but with a little work can be a super home. Would suit a keen DIY enthusiast.”


3. In case you were wondering how crazy the market had got: this place was let 40 minutes after it went on the market:

A)   It’s the size of a bathroom and still costs £1,666 a month.

B)   The tenant didn’t even see it before putting down 6 months’ rent, totalling £10,000



4. Giving skylight a whole new meaning:

The tenant had repeatedly told the landlord the roof was leaking. And then one day it fell apart unleashing a tidal wave of water.

All yours for £1,300 / month.


5. Last but not least, for those who really like breakfast in bed:

A bargain at £871/month.


This is a national scandal. And every day at Shelter we see the impact over-priced, under-sized, poor quality homes have on families across the country.

We need to build more affordable homes to tackle this problem. And we need to build ones that people can actually live in, thrive in, and call home.

If you are angry about this too, join our campaign today:

Got any more ridiculous properties? Tweet them to us @Shelter with the #shoeboxhomes.

  1. …or you could do something about all the restrictions on new housing building in and around London…

  2. Build more affordable housing, crack down on property money laundering, create more jobs in less affluent cities…

    1. Shelter brainwashing. Pick the 5 worst property in the country and then judge all landlords by that standard.

      Thank you!

  3. I do not think that Shelter put forward any suggestion that all landlords are of the same ilk as those offering the above properties.

    If anything they were highlighting the creative sales talk of some agents- and the fact that some tenants were so desperate to get a place that they were able to be let, despite the situation, in such short periods of time.

    The first property might suit a student or someone who only stayed in London from Monday to Thursday and could afford a place to sleep and a home elsewhere. But the person would need sufficient salary to do so.

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