What does the Queen's speech mean for housing?

We were delighted that housing got such top billing in the recent General Election campaign – with David Cameron citing his desire to build the homes we need on the very steps of Downing Street. After such a dismal showing for housing in previous elections, this was real progress. But the true test of the new government’s commitment to solving our housing crisis was always going to come after the dust of the election had settled. Today’s Queen’s Speech was … Read more

What can 1.4 million private renters expect in the next round of welfare reforms?

The government plan to cut a further £12 billion from the welfare bill across the next two years. There’s not much detail on how they’ll do this, but a two year freeze on working age benefits is planned, and this will include a freeze on housing benefit for low income private renters, known as Local Housing Allowance (LHA).

LHA acts as a crucial – but increasingly ineffective – bridge between the cost of renting and the ability of low … Read more