Why a review of Legal Aid reforms can’t come soon enough for us

Unusually for a speech on justice, Michael Gove’s first words on Legal Aid made front-page news last week. More likely due to interest in the speaker rather than the subject, but headlines nonetheless.

Beyond the Justice Secretary’s talk of a two-tier system and the “responsibility on government to make sure that those in the greatest hardship – at times of real need – are provided with the resources to secure access to justice”, (‘greatest hardship’ and ‘real need’ remaining undefined), … Read more

How do we grow our successful cities?

1,590 new jobs, just 146 new homes.

That’s been the average for Oxford each year since the 2007/08 recession. It’s a similar story in Bristol, Cambridge and York – together the four ‘Growing Cities’ that we looked at in our new report with the IPPR.

They are all examples of successful city-economies which are internationally competitive, creating jobs in tech, medicine, advanced manufacturing and professional services. But they also have dismal records for house building compared to what they … Read more