Emergency Budget 2015: Housing (doesn't) Benefit

What does the budget mean for the people Shelter helps every day?

Housing benefit has long been in the sights of the Treasury. Suspicious of its costs but reluctant to tackle the lack of affordable homes driving it, George Osborne has singled out support for housing costs for substantial cuts. There were welcome measures on reducing tax breaks for landlords and lower social rents for some, but overall the budget was pretty bleak.

Local Housing Allowance

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There are other options to balance the books besides cutting our safety net

Today the Chancellor is set to unveil up to £12 billion of the cuts in welfare that he the first committed to a year and a half ago. We won’t know for sure what the cuts will look like until they’re announced this afternoon. What we do know is that if housing benefit is badly hit, as has been suggested, it will have dramatic consequences for millions of households across the country.

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