Pop-up homeless accommodation: a quick fix for Britain’s housing crisis

The Excalibur Estate in Lewisham has a proud past. It’s the last collection of prefabricated houses which eased the 1940s housing crisis. Bomb damage from the Second World War meant thousands of Britons lost their home overnight. Drastic measures for desperate times!

Less than two miles down the road from Excalibur, Lewisham council are getting involved with prefab again. But this is a drastic response to a very different type of housing crisis. A crumbling municipal leisure center has given … Read more

Government crackdown on rogue landlords

On Monday, the government announced that they will use the Housing Bill to crack down on rogue landlords. They published a raft of new, tough measures.

Disappointingly, this was wrapped up with some pretty objectionable plans to ‘make Britain an even harder place for illegal migrants’. We have already spoken out against these plans – and many others have warned that they will lead to discrimination and homelessness.

This angle was particularly frustrating, as buried underneath the angry rhetoric … Read more