Three political problems George Osborne is storing up with the forced sale of council homes

This morning we published new research on the impact of the government’s proposal to force councils to sell their more valuable social homes.  Many of the government’s housing reforms are welcome – but on the affordable housing side of things, some are fairly worrying. This is certainly one of those.

The numbers are pretty grim. 113,000 affordable homes could be lost in exactly the areas of the country they’re most needed.

Recent history, and the financing of the scheme, … Read more

What happens if you force councils to sell low rent homes?

The government’s proposal to extend the Right to Buy to housing association has been criticised by a whole host of people and organisations, from credit agencies to commentators at the Financial Times and Telegraph. But the way the government is going to fund the policy has received least attention and is probably the most destructive part of the package of housing measures being introduced in the Housing Bill and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

The proposal is to fund Right … Read more