Trying to make sense of current social housing policy

Social housing policy has for a long time been muddled. But, the retrograde proposal to end permanent secure tenancies for council tenancies is just the latest example of policy that is not only muddled, but eating itself alive.

Let me explain what I mean.

It is completely legitimate to want public policies to do a number of different things. In fact, it’s desirable. For example, we want the NHS to respond to medical emergencies, and to prevent poor health from … Read more

Homeless Households and Benefit Cap Amendments

In the Welfare Reform & Work Bill, Shelter is seeking an amendment that takes homeless households out of the benefit cap while they get back on their feet, just as they are if someone loses their job. The case for giving the same protections to people facing homelessness is self-evident; why should losing your home be regarded as any less important than losing your job?

To that end, Lord Best, an independent Cross Bench Peer, has tabled a strong amendment … Read more