Fixed term tenancies failing on everyone’s terms

The government’s plan to remove security from social tenants and restrict tenancies to 2-5 years will hopefully get the scrutiny it deserves this week. Peers are set to debate the controversial new clauses as the housing and planning bill winds its way through committee.

Shelter is concerned that constantly churning people through social housing will be hugely destabilising to families and communities. But new research also suggests that the reform will fail even on its own terms of ‘making best Read more

Is a bubble about to burst?

Whisper it, but we might be heading towards a housing market crash. There’s been a slew of increasingly nervous articles about the vulnerable state of central London’s luxury new-build sector, and the consensus seems to be growing that this particular market is in for a bumpy ride. The Evening Standard have been cautioning of wobbles in developments around Battersea for a while. Capco have reported a slowdown in sales of luxury properties amid a glut of supply, and Morgan Stanley … Read more