No vote, no voice: Renters need to register!

Are you renting in London?

Are you registered to vote?

Over a third of renters in London have moved 3 or more times in the last five years – and too often, when renters leave a home, they also leave their vote behind.

After the zillion things renters have to do when we move house (which, thanks to a terribly unstable rental market, we tend to do quite often), registering to vote sometimes doesn’t even make it onto our list.

This is a problem, especially in the run-up to an election.

According to the latest research from the Electoral Commission, renters are the group who are least likely to be registered to vote, especially if they’re young, students or weren’t born in the UK. This means our voices don’t get counted at elections.

renter registration

1 in 4 Londoners are renting privately. If they don’t register to vote before the 18th April, they will have lost their chance to have a say in the London Mayoral election.

And there’s so much that renters have to say, especially when it comes to the state of renting in London! Too often, renting in London is unaffordable, unstable and unsafe. It’s time the Mayor of London did something about it, and in order to make sure they do, renters need to be represented on polling day.

So what are you waiting for? Registering to vote is easy.

Register to vote.

It only takes three minutes, and it can help your credit rating!

The deadline to register is 18th April.

No matter how you feel about the London Mayoral election – if you’re a keen voter or you feel apathetic towards the whole thing – you will lose the choice to vote if you do not register.

Make sure you at least have the opportunity to vote; you can decide on the day whether you want to or not.

Register to vote now.