Will Brexit hit house building?

Nobody yet knows whether the decision to leave the EU will lead to an immediate downturn in the housing market. But you don’t have to look hard to see signs.

House builders’ share prices have been among the hardest hit, commercial property funds have suspended trading, REITS (investment products linked to property) are falling in value, housing associations have had credit ratings downgraded and forward indicators of construction activity have nosedived.

Equally importantly, there are signs … Read more

Listen: how can we fix renting for families?

Welcome to this Shelter podcast, presented by myself and John Bibby, taking a look at unstable private renting in England.

Why are renters nervous about bringing up kids in the private rented sector? Does it have to be this way? What can the government, and renters themselves, do to make private rented housing feel more like a home?

By speaking with renters and experts from other countries we look to answer all of these questions and see if England can Read more