Repent at leisure? Why the introduction of Pay to Stay should be slowed right down

It would be easy to imagine that all of Government is focused on the possible implications of leaving the EU. But behind the scenes, civil servants are developing the regulations necessary to actually implement the Housing and Planning Act 2016.

We set out our initial concerns about ‘Pay to Stay’ (also known as policy on ‘high income social tenants’) back in February – that it could increase the housing benefit bill, weaken incentives to work, price out teachers, nurses … Read more

Help to Buy - the drugs don't work

Last week’s government press release on Help to Buy emphasised getting people on to the housing ladder and supporting ‘responsible lending’. Accompanying statistics, however, show it is failing to help those on normal incomes.

Supporting the credit constrained or supporting prices?

Of those using Help to Buy Equity, 1 in 5 are already homeowners and the incomes of those using the scheme are higher than those of young renters in the regions of England where it is most popular.

The … Read more