What are the benefits of longer tenancies for landlords?

Over the course of our campaign for the introduction of longer tenancies a number of landlords have got in touch with us to explain why they support giving renters more security. This post outlines the benefits to landlords of longer tenancies.

There is a growing need for longer, more secure tenancies in the private rented sector. More and more private renters are bringing up children or growing old in a rented home and they need to be confident they’ll be … Read more

May’s focus on the power of government is an opportunity for private renters

“We should employ the power of government for the good of the people.” Extraordinary words from a Conservative Prime Minister? Or, the articulation of a clear vision from a true One Nation Tory? Either way, the tone set by Theresa May’s keynote speech at party conference last week might mean good things could lie ahead for England’s private renters.

More and more of ‘May’s people’ rent

Why? Well firstly, in her conference keynote speech Theresa May reaffirmed her commitment to … Read more