Renters vary across the country; government housing investment needs to as well

With the Autumn Statement looming, current funding for affordable housing is still largely reserved for Starter Homes and shared ownership. This weekend we published new research that shows that almost a third, or over 830,000, of working privately renting households would not be able to afford any of the three main ownership products based on their income.

A further 20% of working private tenants are unlikely to be able to save up enough for a deposit on a shared ownership … Read more

5 maps that show you just how bad the 2015/16 affordable housing stats are

Affordable house building fell by more than half last year, the 2015/16 statistics show. But if that wasn’t bad enough, things get even worse when you dig down into the detail and look at how this affects different parts of the country. These five maps below should help you get a comprehensive grip of quite how terrible 2015/16 was for affordable house building.

Total slump in affordable house building

The headline news – a 52% reduction in new affordable … Read more