Government bans letting agency fees

The government will ban letting agency fees in the Autumn Statement. Shelter strongly welcomes the news as a bold step forward for renters.

Update: Renters have woken up to some rare and very welcome good news. The government is going to do the bold and just thing and ban letting agent fees to tenants.

Shelter has called for a ban on letting agent fees since 2013. We were moved to act after numerous people came to us outraged … Read more

No security for just about managing families

The government has dropped plans to make higher income tenants ‘pay to stay’ in their homes, but will still press ahead with plans to introduce fixed term tenancies. 

Since this summer’s change in government, we and others in the housing sector have been awaiting confirmation of when measures in the controversial Housing and Planning Act would be introduced – if at all.

Market rents for so-called higher income tenants and fixed term tenancies were supposed to take affect from April … Read more