Static models cannot explain the failings of a dynamic housing market

In this guest Blog, Thomas Aubrey of the Centre for Progressive Capitalism takes issue with economic analysis being used to justify slow build out of housing developments with planning permission.

Economists and financial analysts have often struggled to model complex, dynamic systems such as the economy, but since the financial crisis there is an increasing acceptance of the limits of simple economic models. So, I was surprised to read a recent report by the planning consultancy NLP which used a … Read more

Shifting attitudes to welfare: why knowing your audience is key to any campaign strategy

This is the second in a series of blogs talking about Shelter’s campaign to change public attitudes towards welfare.

Back in November I wrote a blog about Shelter’s campaign to shift public attitudes to welfare. This is the next stage of the campaign so far:

From a political point of view Jam is definitely the flavour of the day. The ‘just about managing’ audience, constantly referenced in speeches and articles by the government and political commentators alike, have become increasingly … Read more