Why we're joining forces with Mumsnet

OBR-1071_Stability campaign_web assets_mumsnet blogOur campaign for longer rental contracts has attracted a huge level of support, mostly from families with young children.

Everyone needs a stable home. It gives you security and the chance to plan for the future. Yet, if you’re living on six to 12 month contracts – which are the norm for renters – life can be uncertain and unpredictable.

The number of families who privately rent their homes has tripled over the past ten years, and many of these families will be renting their homes in the long-term.

When it comes to raising a family, renting shouldn’t mean you forfeit the opportunity of a secure place to settle and call home. Mumsnet agree – which is why we’re featured as a guest campaign this month. 

Mumsnet’s forum contains numerous discussion threads where parents share their frustrations and anxieties about renting and in the insecurity it causes, here is one of the hundreds of comments we found:

“This is not the way I wanted to bring my son up, I wanted him to start and finish at the same school with his friends, I wanted him to feel settled, to have pets to love, to plant flowers, vegetables and fruit in the garden and watch them grow. To have a bedroom decorated… To be able to let him paint pictures in the house or play with play-doh (you can’t let the carpet get ruined in case you lose your deposit).”

It’s evident that short-term rental contracts cause insecurity for families, and many people are finally starting to talk about this and take action for change. Our recent research shows that 42% of renting parents worry their children will have to change schools due to a future house move. What’s more, 1 in 10 parents said that short-term contracts stop their children feeling settled.

If you’re renting and worried about the instability it causes, please join the campaign  We know that people’s stories are one of the most powerful and persuasive ways to affect change, so please share yours to help make longer rental contracts – and stability – available to renters.