Budget 2017: We must end the injustice of growing child homelessness

Yesterday, the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicted that, following a deep recession and tepid recovery, the median household income in 2021-22 is likely to be 18% lower than that which might reasonably have been expected back in 2007–08.  That’s more than £5,000 a year lost per household. Few of us will be where we thought we might be 10 years ago.

But some of us are likely to fare much worse. The poorest 15% are expected to, on average, have … Read more

Mortgaged ownership slides further as generation rent grows up

English Housing Survey results released yesterday show the lowest levels of households buying with a mortgage recorded since 1981. Whilst much has been made of frustrated 25-34-year-old buyers, the alarming growth in 35-44 year old renters suggests that generation rent may be growing up but not moving up. For these households, bold action to fix our broken housebuilding system can’t come soon enough.

Home ownership overall hasn’t changed significantly since last year but this masks changes in who owns and … Read more

New Civic Housebuilding: A better way to build the homes we need
New Civic Housebuilding: A better way to build the homes we need

New research released today by Shelter shows that across England, eight out of ten working, private renting families cannot afford a newly-built home in their area – even if they have been able to save up a large enough deposit.

But how can this be? We know we have a shortage of homes of all kinds, right across the country. At Shelter, we see the ramifications of this shortage every day: people coming to us for help, facing homelessness and … Read more

Children speak out about the impact of growing up in B&Bs

At Shelter we regularly speak out about the appalling conditions families in temporary accommodation can find themselves living in. We hear all too often of how hard it is to maintain normal family life when living in one room in a B&B. Our colleagues at Children’s Rights Alliance have launched a new campaign, giving children a voice to share their experiences of homelessness and calling for change. Guest blogger Maria Stephens explains:

Thousands of children in England are growing up … Read more