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So much is made of people wanting a nice, stable, affordable home nowadays. But at Dodgy Lettings we know that in reality people will accept whatever they can get – and that’s where we can help you.

As Greater Manchester’s newest letting agent, we‘re confident that you won’t have read a single negative review about us (yet).

And because we’re not fussy about the condition of our properties or the health of our tenants, we can offer properties that more … Read more

A big day in Greater Manchester

There’s a lot at stake when the 174th Manchester derby kicks-off tonight. Victory could prove pivotal in United and City’s battle for 4th place and Champions League qualification, and of course supporters will be yearning for all important bragging rights.

But the stakes are a lot higher for Greater Manchester’s private renters. 1 in 6 households in Greater Manchester rent, but too many are struggling with unsafe conditions, rising rents and the difficulty of putting down roots in a stable … Read more

Shelter stories: The human impact of poor housing and mental health

Shelter’s new research highlights the link between poor housing and mental health problems. We surveyed GPs and members of the public and found one in five adults in England has had a housing issue in the last five years that has negatively impacted their mental health. Hannah Lee is a Family, Health and Housing Advisor in east London and works with clients with mental and physical health challenges. She explains here how housing problems can impact on families’ well-being.  

“Sadly, … Read more

The impact of housing problems on mental health

Housing and Mental Health are two issues which have become prominent in public debate over recent years (and rightly so). Here at Shelter, every day in our services we see how housing problems can spill over into other parts of people’s lives: affecting their relationships, their work, and their health.

In 2013 we published research into the effects bad housing can have on people’s health, helping to further the debate on the links between health and housing. So we decided … Read more

Rental fraud – a quarter of a million fall victim in the last five years
What is rental fraud?

Rental fraud usually follows a similar pattern: someone posing as a landlord or letting agent shows a prospective tenant around a property. When the person looking at the property says they like it, the purported landlord/agent asks them to pay an immediate up-front holding deposit (a sum that is often taken to reserve a property in advance of referencing, signing contracts, etc.) often in cash.

The prospective tenant pays the sum (which can be several hundred … Read more

Busting some myths: why myth busting doesn’t work

Whenever we hold a brainstorm to find ways to talk to people about welfare the most common idea that comes up is ‘why don’t we just present the truth about benefits?’ In theory this makes perfect sense; once presented with the facts people will simply see the light and revise their view of welfare recipients.

If only it was that straight forward.

The truth about myth busting, as we like to call it, is that people simply do not act … Read more

Letting agent fees consultation commits to wide ranging ban 

The ban on letting fees for tenants has moved a step closer with publication of the government’s consultation on how the ban will operate. Shelter has been campaigning for an end to tenant fees since 2013, so unsurprisingly there’s much about the consultation that we like, particularly:

It shows the government understands the dynamics of the lettings market It’s ambitious about enforcement And it recognises that letting fees aren’t the only problems for renters Acknowledging renters’ lack of power

Perhaps … Read more

How central London’s luxury property price falls could make housing even less affordable

All the signs point to a slow-down in the London property market. Central London house prices dropped by 6.8% between 2015 and 2016, while the numbers of new homes under construction plummeted by 75%.[1] The problem is located almost entirely at the top of the market, with sales transactions collapsing by 86% for properties worth more than £10 million.[2]

Central London property values are eye-watering, far beyond the reach of most working London households. A fall in house … Read more

Bigger fines, better enforcement: even more good news for renters

Measures to help councils crack down on rogue landlords come in to force today. The new powers, which include fines of up to £30,000 for rogue landlords and the extension of Rent Repayment Orders, are great news for renters as they will help councils improve conditions in the private rented sector and give tenants increased protection.

Last week, we told you about some good news for renters coming from the government. Today, we bring you some more: from today onwards, … Read more

‘It’s depressing. I’ve found myself crying over it.’
‘It’s depressing. I’ve found myself crying over it.’

Homeless, suffering with mental illnesses, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder, Andrew was placed into his current accommodation. It was supposed to be a temporary measure – somewhere to tide him over as he bid for a more permanent council home. That was in December 2015. Andrew is still there.

When Andrew first moved in, there was no sign of the problems to come – but they didn’t take long to emerge. ‘There was no mould at … Read more