Rental fraud – a quarter of a million fall victim in the last five years
What is rental fraud?

Rental fraud usually follows a similar pattern: someone posing as a landlord or letting agent shows a prospective tenant around a property. When the person looking at the property says they like it, the purported landlord/agent asks them to pay an immediate up-front holding deposit (a sum that is often taken to reserve a property in advance of referencing, signing contracts, etc.) often in cash.

The prospective tenant pays the sum (which can be several hundred … Read more

Busting some myths: why myth busting doesn’t work

Whenever we hold a brainstorm to find ways to talk to people about welfare the most common idea that comes up is ‘why don’t we just present the truth about benefits?’ In theory this makes perfect sense; once presented with the facts people will simply see the light and revise their view of welfare recipients.

If only it was that straight forward.

The truth about myth busting, as we like to call it, is that people simply do not act … Read more