Looking to rent in Greater Manchester? Let Dodgy Lettings find our perfect property for you…

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So much is made of people wanting a nice, stable, affordable home nowadays. But at Dodgy Lettings we know that in reality people will accept whatever they can get – and that’s where we can help you.

As Greater Manchester’s newest letting agent, we‘re confident that you won’t have read a single negative review about us (yet).

And because we’re not fussy about the condition of our properties or the health of our tenants, we can offer properties that more ethical agents won’t – giving you even worse more choice.

So if you’re desperate for a place to live, check out our full range of properties below.

All properties available to view for just a £35 viewing fee. Or, if you’re smart and want to avoid this fee, simply let us know and we can take it off the market immediately (£35 removal of listing fee applies – that delete button won’t press itself).

Salford – £529 pcm

This delightful property is one of our most appealing currently on offer. The ceiling is a peeling and so are the walls. Full of character it boasts excellent transport links; situated just a pleasant fifty-minute walk from the nearest station. Fees apply*


Urmston – £750 pcm

Do you have no desire to put down roots? This is the property for you. It’s on a 6 month contract, with the landlord currently hoping to sell. So you could be back to pay us more fees for another property before you know it. Exciting. Fees apply*

Bolton – £493 pcm

This great suburban property offers delightful views, so when viewing we encourage you to focus your attention through the windows, rather than around them. It even comes with its own distinct aroma. Fees apply*


Manchester – £979 pcm

Stop your house hunt now. This three-bedroom property is ideal for a family looking to pay rent they can’t really afford. But be quick, the price is only going up. Fees apply*

Wigan – £374 pcm

Recently added to our portfolio, this fantastic property is full of character, and there’s a real need to renovate opportunity to put your own stamp on it. As well as low ceilings, and a unique water feature it also boasts direct access, in that it has a door. Fees apply*



It’s okay, Dodgy Lettings is a spoof letting agents, obviously. However, the photos are real and have been sent to us by renters or seen by Shelter services.

Unfortunately, for many people across Greater Manchester, unsafe, unstable and unaffordable renting is all too real. That’s why we need the new Mayor of Greater Manchester to take action to fix renting, and why we have been campaigning hard to make sure this happens.

But we can only get the Mayoral candidates to listen if renters come together to get our voices heard. So speak up by asking the Mayoral candidates to support our campaign.

And look out for more of Dodgy Lettings in our adverts across Greater Manchester in the run-up to the election.