Every door closed to you, every avenue exhausted until you end up sleeping in your car

25 September 2018 by

Join our campaign and stop this shocking discrimination against people on benefits from wrecking lives

Open discrimination against people on benefits is freely taking place up and down the country, in letting agent windows and online adverts. In ‘No DSS’, we have a sign that prejudice is rife in the housing market. And it’s destroying lives.

For private renters squeezed by low wages and high prices, ‘No DSS’ can be the final straw. Some landlords and letting agents won’t rent to people who receive benefits (commonly described as ‘DSS’), which means there’s nowhere left for them to go – as Stephen knows only too well.

Discrimination is tearing families apart

Stephen suffered a spinal injury in a car crash and now uses a wheelchair. When Stephen requested adaptations to make his privately-rented home accessible, his landlord chose to evict them instead.

The family couldn’t find another place to rent that would accept housing benefit, so they turned to their local council.

They were bounced between a Travelodge and hotels, then offered accommodation miles away – but nothing that was wheelchair accessible.

The council said; “we’ve got nowhere”, even though we were put down as priority homeless

In desperation, Stephen’s wife and two young children moved in with her mother. However, her home isn’t accessible either. Stephen has no choice but to sleep in his car.

Watch Stephen debunking some of the common myths around DSS

At night, he looks for dead end roads and sleeps with the seat reclined. This plays havoc with his damaged back; he can’t have a bath; or see his kids as much as he’d like to.

This is what ‘no DSS’ is doing to people. Stephen says ‘you could be the best tenant they’ve ever had on housing benefits. But they’re not going to know until they give you a chance’.

This is unfair, unjustified and potentially unlawful

Thousands of people are being denied the opportunity to rent the homes they can afford. Together we can fight for change.

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