From sleeping on the streets to pounding them for Shelter

24 September 2018 by

Taxi driver Barry is a former rough sleeper. He tells us why he’s running the London Marathon for Shelter

Today, I look back at how impossible I was, when really I was a scared and frightened little boy.

I’d spent my teenage years in an out of children’s homes, foster care and supported living. At 16, I was placed into a bedsit with lots of support, but I let myself down by not accepting any help.

At 17 when I had literally nowhere else to turn, I decided to try living in London – but I ruined my chances there as well.

Watch Barry explain why he’s running the London Marathon for Shelter

It’s only recently that I’ve been able to turn my life around. I’ve had lots of help, particularly from my friend Linda. I’ve got things together, and I love my job as a taxi driver.

Giving something back by running for Shelter

Running the marathon won’t be easy; the route will take me past seven doorways that were home to me during my time on the streets. One in particular has very bitter memories. When I slept there I was urinated on while sleeping, because I was homeless and dirty.

‘Shelter are invaluable in helping people find accommodation and avoid the pure nightmare that is homelessness.’

This is my chance to give back and raise money and awareness for homeless people, and Shelter are leaders in the field. That’s why I’m running for Shelter.

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