Stop DSS Discrimination: Live blog

Stop DSS Discrimination: Live blog

This blog rounds-up everything we’re doing in the fight to end DSS discrimination.

Shelter is campaigning against discrimination faced by renters receiving housing benefit. So-called ‘no DSS’ policies are unfairly locking hundreds of thousands of people out of homes they could otherwise afford, pushing them closer to homelessness. You can join our campaign here.

Stop by this blog regularly for the latest updates on the campaign!

7 December: Treasury questions

The Treasury has responded to three written parliamentary questions from Vicky Foxcroft MP, about buy-to-let mortgage restrictions on housing benefit tenants. You can read the questions and their response here. Disappointingly, they don’t see it as their problem…

24 November: NatWest protest

Housing campaigners shut down branches of NatWest, as ACORN, Living Rent, and London Renters Union lead protests against the bank’s ban on landlords renting to people on housing benefit.

We’re outside @NatWest_Help in Stratford protesting their mortgage terms banning landlords from renting to people claiming housing benefit. Housing is bad enough already without discrimination renters on benefits face #EndDSSDiscrimination #YesDSS

— London Renters Union (@LDNRentersUnion) November 24, 2018

21 November: Spotlight on lenders

As we eagerly await an update on NatWest’s promised review of their buy-to-let mortgage policies, Shelter Policy Officer, Rhea Newman has blogged about the wider issue of lenders preventing landlords from renting to people on benefits. She makes it clear that lenders need to learn from NatWest’s mistakes, and remove any discriminatory restrictions.

20 November: Work & Pensions committee intervene

The Work & Pensions Select Committee has published correspondence with NatWest regarding their ‘no DSS’ mortgage clauses. We welcome their intervention and agree that regulation may be necessary if lenders don’t end discriminatory policies ASAP.

14 November: Letting agent excuses

Following a London MP’s investigation into DSS discrimination in her constituency, Shelter Public Affairs Officer Ami McCarthy took an in-depth look at that the consistently negative responses from letting agents who were asked to explain their housing benefit policies.

14 November: Big news from property portals

In response to Shelter and the National Housing Federation’s media story the previous week, Rightmove & Zoopla just announced that they’ve advised letting agents not to post ‘No DSS’ adverts on their websites. A great development, but will they go further and ban them outright?

8 November: 1 in 10 adverts discriminate

DSS discrimination hit the news again, with the second part of Shelter’s joint investigation with the National Housing Federation into the practice making headlines. The new research discovered that 1 in 10 adverts on the property portal, Zoopla, excluded people on benefits.

7 November: You & Yours

DSS discrimination featured on BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours,’ with Helena McAleer, the landlord taking on NatWest, and Shelter’s Director of Campaigns Greg Beales joining the discussion. The issue of landlord insurance and restrictions on renting to people on housing benefit was raised, alongside the hot topic of discrimination by buy-to-let lenders.

4 November: Petition launch

To keep the pressure up, Shelter launched a petition to Bridgfords, Dexters, Haart, Hunters, Fox & Sons, Ludlow Thompson and Your Move, calling on them to treat all renters fairly, by considering each individual on a case-by-case basis. You can sign the petition here.

3 November: Second warning

Over last few weeks of October we sent a second round of letters to Bridgfords, Dexters, Haart, Hunters, Fox & Sons, and Your Move, reiterating Shelter’s asks for letting agents and offering to meet to discuss how they can stamp out DSS discrimination. Dexter’s and Hunters replies can be read here and here.

29 October: NatWest commitment

NatWest responded to Shelter’s letter, to confirm that they’ll be conducting a full review of their polices. We’ll be holding them to account for this…

25 October: Mayor’s question time

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, condemned DSS discrimination at Mayor’s Question Time this evening, after hearing moving personal testimony from a disabled woman who has experienced it first hand

20 October: RLA join the fray

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) announced that they’ve written to the Treasury Minister, urging an investigation & ban of buy-to-let mortgage clauses which prevent renting to people on housing benefit. A clear sign that the campaign is building momentum across the sector.

18 October: Ludlow progress

Earlier this month, Ludlow Thompson wrote to us again. We’ve blogged about the encouraging progress they’ve taken to stop discrimination against renters receiving housing benefit, and wrote back to set out the practical steps that we’re asking all letting agents to follow to stamp it out completely. You can read Ludlow’s response here.

17 October: Writing to Natwest

In response to Helena’s case, we’ve written to Natwest, asking for a full clarification on their buy-to-let mortgage terms.

15 October: Landlord’s petition launches

Landlord Helena McAleer, has launched a petition calling on the government to stop banks discriminating against tenants on benefits. She was driven to do this after a shocking incident involving her buy-to-let mortgage provider, Natwest. who told Helena to evict her current tenant or face an expensive charge – because her tenant receives benefits. Helena’s worked hard to get her story in the papers and her campaign has been widely shared online. You can sign her petition here.

11 October: The devastating impact of DSS discrimination

Stanley Harvey, Senior Advisor in Shelter services, blogs about the damage caused by discriminatory policies. It’s a powerful reminder of why this campaign is so important.

15 September: Manchester protest

Manchester Tenant’s Union, and a coalition of other local groups, held a protest today outside a branch of Bridgfords in Manchester City Centre. The branch manager agreed to raise their concerns with head office.

12 September: Phone calls

Since Ludlow Thompson’s head office didn’t respond to 1000s of phone calls and tweets, Shelter supporters began hitting the phones to call individual branches of Ludlow Thompson directly. Branch staff are being asked to pass on Shelter’s call to stamp out discriminatory practices.

11 September: Some friendly legal advice…

To clear up confusion about DSS discrimination and the law, Shelter Policy Officer, Rhea Newman, & Shelter Solicitor Rose Arnall, published some advice for letting agents and landlords on avoiding discrimination.

23 August: The blame game begins

The blame game got well and truly underway, as letting agents, landlords and buy-to-let mortgage lenders all attempt to shift the blame on each other.

According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA):

Rents are paid in advance, whereas housing benefit is paid in arrears, and therefore with such a shortage of rental accommodation, landlords and agents will naturally choose a tenant who can pay the rent when it is due, rather than a tenant who is always a month in arrears.

We have called on government time and time again to resolve this problem. But our calls have fallen on deaf ears.

To make the situation worse, many lenders also have a clause in their buy-to-let mortgage agreements which prevent landlords from letting to housing benefit tenants. This situation does not exist because of landlords or letting agents, it is a systemic problem caused by government and the banks.

And here’s a snapshot of the comments online:


22nd August: Media splash and agents respond

Shelter published the full results of a joint investigation with the National Housing Federation into housing benefit discrimination. Most of the broadcast and print have media covered the story, social media’s exploded. Amongst the coverage landlord bodies agreed that blanket bans on people who receive housing benefit are wrong.

Responses from letting agents have varied; there’s been an encouraging response from Haart who outlined the immediate action they’d taken, and a strongly defensive denial from Your Move, which we don’t have permission to publish…

21 August: Writing to the other offenders

We’ve written to the other agents that we mystery shopped, to outline the results of the investigation. Bridgford’s, Dexter’s, Haart, Hunters, Fox & Sons and Your Move all received letters.

19 August: Taking to the streets

Shelter staff met outside the Finsbury Park branch of Ludlow Thompson this morning, to hand in  a letter about housing benefit discrimination to the branch manager. Cue hurried phone calls to head office…

DSS campaigners standing outside Ludlow Thompson


17 August 2018: Ludlow respond and campaign begins

Ludlow have written back, expressing surprise at the findings and denying that they discriminate against renters who receive housing benefit. We’ve responded with the full results of the investigation, and asked them to commit to some actions to prevent people on benefits from being turned away again.

The campaign launched publicly today and Shelter supporters have begun to email and Tweet Ludlow’s head office on mass.

16 August 2018: Writing to Ludlow Thompson

Prior to the launch of Shelter’s new campaign, we’ve written to Ludlow Thompson, to inform them that the investigation showed that 9 out of 10 branches appeared to have a ban against renters on housing benefit.

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