How we’re fighting the national housing emergency

26 March 2019 by

After Grenfell, we’re calling for a historic renewal of social housing.

Last year, we brought together 16 commissioners from different backgrounds and perspectives and across the political spectrum, to set out a vision for a bigger and better future for social housing. The commission was chaired by Reverend Dr Mike Long, Minister of Notting Hill Methodist Church, whose church played a significant role in the aftermath of the fire.

Calling for change

Image of the front page of the social housing report

The final report was published this January, called ‘Building for our future: A vision for social housing’.

It examined the catastrophic decline in social housing in the last 70 years, and how millions are left living in unaffordable and insecure private rented homes struggling to cover housing costs and pay their bills, while increasing numbers of others are facing homelessness.

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We need your help to succeed

Our commission recommends a historic renewal of social housing, and a stronger voice for tenants. Here’s how:

Build more social homes

The government needs to commit to delivering 3.1 million more social homes over the next 20 years. Why 3.1 million?

  • Over 1.27 million homes for people who are homeless, living in the worst conditions or in ill health
  • 1.17 million homes for the people trapped in unaffordable, insecure private renting
  • Over 691,000 homes for older renters

Reform renting to protect tenants

People who rent deserve more power and better protection. We need:

  • A new regulator that will proactively inspect and enforce high standards for all people who rent
  • A new independent tenants’ organisation that will represent people in social housing to the government
  • Permanent tenancies for private renters

Read more about the commission on our guest blog.

Together, we can make it happen

The housing emergency affects all of us. It cannot be stopped by anything less than a national movement.

We need as much support as we can get to make sure the government will listen.
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