Practical ways to help people sleeping rough

28 March 2019 by

Pointers and practical advice if you want to help people sleeping on the streets.

The number of people sleeping rough in England has gone up 165% since 2010. It’s a huge increase.

If you’re worried about someone sleeping on the streets, here are some practical ways to help.

Tell StreetLink

Let StreetLink know by sending them an online alert. Remember to have as much information as you can about the person’s exact location and appearance. The details you provide will be sent to the local authority or outreach service, who will help them find the individual and connect them to support.

Visit Homeless Link

Homeless Link has lots of practical support, like addresses of hostels and nearby day centres offering food, showers and respite from the weather.

Get expert advice

Visit our Get Help section to get advice on how homeless people can apply to the council for housing, or to show them how to get in touch with our advisers directly.

Say hello

Sleeping rough can be a lonely experience, so just a quick chat or a friendly hello can make a difference to a someone sleeping rough, especially as most people will walk past and ignore them.

Be weather aware

If it’s a cold day, offer a hot drink, food, warm clothing and some blankets. Or if it’s hot out, offer bottled water, hats, sunglasses or sun cream.

In an emergency

At all times, if someone needs urgent medical attention, call 999.

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