DSS discrimination means renters are punished for their circumstances

DSS discrimination means renters are punished for their circumstances

Kyrstyna and her husband, Geoff, had been homeowners. But when they lost their jobs due to redundancy, they were forced to go back to renting privately in their 50s.

Finding somewhere to rent was tough. Like many people receiving housing benefit, Krystyna and Geoff faced DSS discrimination and struggled to find a place to live. In the end, they were forced to move all the way from the West Midlands to Cornwall just to find somewhere that would accept them as tenants.

Krystyna and Geoff felt they were being punished for their bad luck. Watch them the tell their story:

With no other option, a growing number of older people on lower than average incomes are now renting privately.

For people who receive housing benefit, their options are more limited. Many face discrimination and are unable to find a home even when they can afford the rent and meet all requirements. All prospective tenants should be treated on a case-by-case basis, regardless of where their income comes from.

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