'I will always remember what you did for us.'

'I will always remember what you did for us.'

This message comes from Kate, a client who came to our hub in Oxford after a horrendous turn of events made the possibility of homelessness all too real.

Hello Caroline,  

I would like to inform you that I’ve got a home for my family! I am very happy! 

We are in the process of moving, but due to coronavirus (COVID-19), many things are temporarily unavailable. I have already signed a contract and I know that I can live there for the rest of my life! That’s how I understood it. I can’t describe in words how happy I am. This is the next stage that I close, everything happens in one year. 

I will ALWAYS REMEMBER what you did for us! PRICELESS! Thank you very much  


Kate smiling, holding a mug with the word 'home' on it.

With our help, Kate found a forever home for her family.

In 2019, Kate’s sister and her husband tragically passed away, leaving their 13-year-old daughter without any parents. Kate stepped in to look after her, but encountered a lot of legal difficulties with the care of her niece and finding suitable accommodation for her family.  

We communicated with allocations, social services, and a housing officer in order to obtain a written agreement that Kate (who was in private rented accommodation) could apply to the general register in her own right.  

We also got an agreement for what is called a ‘discretionary succession’ for Kate’s niece, which means she could apply to be housed independently when she turns 18.

Because of coronavirus, Kate is still in the process of moving to her new house – but most importantly, has finally signed a contract for a home with her family.  

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