How we’re celebrating Black History Month at Shelter

How we’re celebrating Black History Month at Shelter

Black History Month (BHM) is an opportunity for us all to recognise the outstanding contributions of Black people here in the UK, and we’re excited to be celebrating it at Shelter. 

As a charity, we’re just starting our journey to become a truly anti-racist organisation. Last month, we talked about how it’s not enough to agree that racism is wrong. To be actively anti-racist, we must all examine what we can do in our day-to-day lives to dismantle systemic and institutional racism.  

As part of this work, we’re pleased to give everyone at Shelter time to reflect on Black British history. 

What BHM 2020 looks like at Shelter 

Our celebration of BHM will be mostly internal in 2020, giving our colleagues the time and space to learn about representation, a culture often hidden and ignored, discuss identity, and celebrate black excellence. We, the members of Shelter’s Anti-Racism Steering Group, have curated a month-long schedule exploring Black history for all staff.  

We’ll feature a different theme each week – complete with reading material, videos, research, and talks with experts. 

Week 1: Black Activists 

We’ll kick off by showcasing the work of Black activists and their positive impact on social and racial justice issues.  

Week 2: Black excellence  

We’ll shine the spotlight on Black people who have excelled in their fields and shaped the world today.   

Week 3: Black Change makers 

In our penultimate week of reflection and learning, we’ll explore the stories of Black people who fought to end slavery in the UK.  

Week 4: Celebrating Black people making history today 

As BHM comes to a close, we’ll reflect on what the people and events of 2020 have meant for Black people and anti-racism work. 

Help us amplify the experts during BHM 2020 

As we mentioned, we’re early in our journey to become an anti-racist organisation. We have plans to do more research into how race impacts a person’s housing, and ensuring housing and homelessness services are better designed to help people of colour in the UK. 

In the meantime, we want to amplify the individuals and organisations who are talking about the impact race has on housing and homelessness. Throughout BHM 2020, you’ll see us share content on our own social media channels from those who are exploring the links between race and housing, and we’d love your help. 

Tell us which experts we should be following and sharing this month. Maybe you are the expert and want us to know what you’re doing this year, and perhaps work with us on BHM 2021?

You can tell us via Twitter, on InstagramLinkedIn, Facebook, or you can email us at, and point us in the right direction. We can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you.